In the after math of police shootings of black men and widespread protest, several things have become quite evident. Among them are the convictions black people always knew white people held concerning them. A sense of justice and fair play was never automatic, we would all like to think it is, but in the real world we know that simply isn’t true. Wanting to believe it is or even will be, won’t make it happen and we can’t conquer what we won’t confront. It is very disheartening to see that an attitude of impartiality or moral excellence doesn’t rule, especially in the heart of those who are paid to do so. When thousands of police officers turn their backs on New York City Major because he expressed empathy for the victims and the families of police violence.

The same sympathy should be expressed for the officers that were slain as well, but to pit American citizens against each other in a “us or them” scenario has built-in implosive potential. Yet all we hear is, putting their lives on the line everyday and I am sure that’s true, not knowing whether they will return at the end of the day. However, that is something every black parent has always had to live with and many of them said that while being interviewed by the press. There are many good officers on the force, but for as far as the eye could see, down the street officers turned their backs. That sends a very cryptic message to the black community, along with the other planned resistance that amounts to a gestapo( a secret-police organization employing underhanded and terrorist methods against persons suspected of disloyalty.) city boycott by public officials. However my main concern here, is not the police, it is however, the consistent mentioning, when asked about the shootings, alluding to black on black crime.

The criminal nature of black men, the anti-family mentality, missing fathers, drugs, gangs, the predacious attitude sucking the life out of the community. It’s clearly the wrong time to mention any of that, and obviously designed to escape accountability. No responsible human being, in touch with their humanity and possibly God, would pick at a wound in such a careless manner.

The unavoidable truth is, they’re right, in a sense. The question is, how do we effectively change it. When Dr. Myles Munroe told me I had to deliver this message, he said address it by way of solution. It is not enough to address the pathologies, but why are they there, why the self-hatred, why the identity crisis, what is there in us that would cause black people to destroy themselves.

In the Mafia, if you kill a “made-man” you were going to die, it is the ultimate violation. When you kill a pastor, you kill a “made-man,” in Detroit a black man killed a pastor, father of four in his front yard who went next door to ask that the music be turned down.

We have lost something very precious, I want to restore it and I know how. If that can’t be done, then I am just recklessly running off at the mouth. An evangelist friend of mine said I was wasting my time and would be better spent in what would profit me and my family. What bothers me more than anything else is, if God can’t do this, if black people are stuck at this juncture, if it will never change, then God is not who we say He is! We have all just finished “Watch Night Services” New Year’s Eve and most people made resolutions, which I don’t believe in doing. Watch Night came from the New Year’s Eve prayer where slaves were waiting on the clock to strike midnight after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. One minute later, they were free! As you might guess, it was not a white church celebration. Again, the focus needs to be exclusively on us and until we prioritize us, nothing concerning us will change, (1 Tim.5:8). “That all I got to say about that!”


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