We are always grateful for the opportunity to read and share extraordinary articles.


Writing Style: We value the personal touch. We’re seeking articles where we can see, hear, and feel the people  and or subject you’re writing about.  Suggested submission length is from 300 to 2500 words.


What “Submitting an Article” Means. We will promise to read your article, but we may respectfully decline it and not publish it, or save it and publish it in a future issue. We also reserve the right to edit, shorten, or revise your article. Most of the time we contact authors about this ahead of time and get their comments, corrections, etc.


Photos: If we publish your article, we want to accompany it with compelling images that illustrate your subject. You know your subject best, so we are appealing to you for images. Modern digital cameras put the power of making beautiful images in all our hands. Use the power and have fun! You can also submit artwork, such as drawings or graphics that you have created.

Remember to include information for the caption of each photo, as well as the full name of whomever we should credit for the photo Also, if there are people in the photo, then get permission to use the photo in Precioustones magazine. A good caption includes the location, all the names of the people or group in the photo, and the date if that applies.


Cover Photos : If you are interested in submitting images for the cover, please study the Call for Articles posted for that issue. The best way to achieve a winning cover is to study the magazine. Be aware that your image must work behind the masthead, cover titles, etc.—normally the top of the image should not be vital to the image meaning.  Think about what you would want to see/say on a newsstand. You will need at least a 6 MB camera at the highest resolution of capture for cover photos. Feel free to contact the Art Director at layout [AT] with questions, images, and suggestions.


Image Quality: Please submit your images as original full color jpegs if possible. It is important that you set your digital camera to capture the images at the highest resolution or 8” x 10”; then we should have enough file size to print to the page. As native jpegs, they should still be less than 4 or 5 mg. Adobe  RGB is the preferred color setting.

Though different cameras have slightly different formats, your image will be roughly 3264 by 2448 pixels at 300 pixels per inch (the preferred resolution for our print process). 

You do not need Photoshop to send us images—downloading directly from your camera to the desktop is just fine as long as the files captured in the camera are at the highest resolution. Check the camera manual if you don’t know this info. Also, it is best to have your camera color mode set to Adobe RGB, not SRGB if that is possible. 

To check file size if you have Photoshop, you can go to image size, uncheck resample and set the resolution to 300 ppi. You will notice that this produces an image that is a little more than 8 x 10”. Do not convert the images to tiffs; this produces unnecessarily large file sizes. All we need is the jpeg as it is downloaded from your camera.

No background for cover page photos, unless otherwise requested.

Getting Permission Ahead of Time. Please send the article only when you have permission from anyone you need it from, such as photos, quotes or copy write permission.


Publication Rights :  If you or another publication would like to reprint the article exactly as it is laid out in the pages of the magazine, we grant permission upon your or the publisher’s request, in which case we will ask you to include a copyright statement and attribution, such as “This article first appeared in Precioustones:  You retain all other rights to it, which means that you or another publication can re-publish the words of your article, using your own or their own format (typeface, layout, etc.) in another publication or on a website. If you do, we ask that, as a favor to us, you please include the following attribution line when your article is published again: “Copyright [year], [your name] and Precioustones magazine.


We’re especially seeking articles which touch on our magazine profile, ordinary people doing extraordinary things.



PROFILES & INTERVIEWS:  we are looking to give our readers an behind the scenes look of how you’ve become the Extraordinaire.


ALL ABOUT YOU: Is our First Person stories. We thrive on giving recognition to those who otherwise may not receive it, so in each issue we like to highlight the extraordinary in ordinary, by finding individuals who are empowered to do extraordinary things.

Comedic reflections

Personal experience or anecdotes


Our featured article is the most vital part of our magazine, It gives a n in-depth look at our topic, product or industry, and offers our readers intrigue from the cover page to the inside scoop.

Excellent Title and Headlines

SPOT FEATURE: Breaking news events, and current events as they relate to the scriptures.


Hard news stories telling the story of person’s triumphs. CURRENT EVENTS; THE RISE OF VIOLENCE, THE STATE OF EMEGENCY OF THE BLACK MAN,

SIDE BARS: Focus on certain aspects of the main story.

Stories told in photos:  Maybe some pictures say a thousand words, but some pictures go further and tell stories. With one frame we can read into what the characters are feeling, what their relationships are, what has happened so far, and what is about to happen.


Fashion, films, music, high technology etc.

Focus: stories that are light, quick easy-to-read pieces that capture the spirit of whatever new trend is being discussed. In other words, if you’re writing a trend story, have fun with it.

Writing Challenge: Every Issues features a writing challenge For every Holiday. Example. December is Christmas, New Years, Pastors week, secretary day ect.


Submitting for this challenge is easy. Simply email your story to Put “the Issue  Writing Challenge” as the subject of your email, and include your name, age, and country in the body of your message. If you have any questions at all, or if you’re having problems submitting, feel free to email me at

Everyone who completes the challenge will be responded to and informed as to whether or not their piece has been chosen to be featured. The deadline for all submission is the 15 of each month.




Do NOT submit multiple poems separately.  Please submit all your poems together in one document.

Fill in the title(s) of the work(s) you are submitting. If you are submitting more than one poem, separate the titles with commas.

If you are submitting work for someone else, please fill out this form with your contact information and note the original author of this work in the cover letter field.

Submit to POETRY in subject line, use email,


To make sure that you receive our e-mail responses, set your spam filter to accept messages from or Otherwise, our notifications may end up in your “junk” or “spam” folder, or be deleted by your e-mail system.

Type cover letter text into the cover letter field with any additional information you’d like to send.

Review your information to confirm that it is correct.


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