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tenyearold10 year old College Student working on her PhD

Just like many other 10 year old’s, Esther Okade, loves “Frozen” and playing her dolls. What makes her stand out is the fact that she’s currently working on obtaining an undergraduate degree. What’s even more amazing is she wanted to start at the age of 7 but her mother made her wait because she felt she was too young.


 Did You Know the Most Powerful Woman on Wall Street is a Trillion Dollar Black Woman?


Fox News Caught Telling The Truth About Founding Fathers Of United States Being Black

Even in darkness, sometimes light can shine through. Well what exactly are we talking about?

Fox News anchor Glenn Beck did some research on who really founding this country. What he came up with was astonishing. Like most people, he was taught that black people were only slaves in the United States and really didn’t contribute anything to the country other than being a slave. After doing his research, boy oh boy was he wrong. He was so surprised that he decided to contact historians on why information like this was left out of the history books. I salute Glenn Beck of Fox News for not being scared to report this on Fox News. Watch it for yourself.  2015/11/02/fox-news-caught-telling-the-truth-about-founding-fathers-of-united-states-being-black/

African Billionaire Launches $100 Million Dollar Program for African & African-American Entrepreneurs

Tony Elumelu is one of Africa’s richest businessmen, an economist by training and visionary philanthropist. He is the Chairman of Heirs Holdings, the United Bank of Africa, and Transcorp and founder of the Toney Elumelu Foundation.

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