The Win Within by Christon Jones

NationwideThe Win Within by Christon “The Truth” Jones tells the story about student footballer named Christon, who is driven to win by his faith in God and the powerful bond he shares with his mother. Christon holds firmly to the belief that he’s never alone, even in his darkest hour. He realizes that in order to win he has to look within himself.

Christon is faced with life decisions and learns valuable life lessons about faith, family, and football.

The story was written by 8-year-old Christon Jones and is based on his own experience as a student athlete. Asked what he’d like to say to other student athletes, the young author said: “Everyone loves to win and God has already given you everything you need to win, but you have to look within yourself to find the answers.”

The Win Within is an inspiring read featuring vivid illustrations that will capture children’s imagination. The book is available in paperback format at


Black Women On A Quest To Strip Asians Of Their Hair Industry Dominance

Black Women Looking to Dominate Hair Industry

Real Estate investor, Princess Hill, and award-winning competition and master stylist, Kelly Williams, decided to open their own beauty supply store in Detroit, MI.

Nationwide — The beauty industry involves black women from all corners of the world as customers, stylists, clinicians, models, manufacturers, spokespersons and more. The ethnic beauty business is a $15 billion business that consists of a 96% African-American customer base, but roughly only 3% of the retailers are African-American.

There has been talk in salons, on talk shows, at events and classrooms on what should be done about the disparities and discriminations in the industry. Some say boycott hair products, while others say boycott Asian-owned stores. However, there has been another group of individuals who have decided to take a more bold approach.Real Estate investor, Princess Hill, and award-winning competition and master stylist, Kelly Williams, who are long-time friends and Detroit natives decided to open their own beauty supply store in Detroit, Michigan, a city that has been hit harshly by the downsizing of the auto industry and the political scandal of former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Hill and Williams contacted Beauty Supply Institute (, a company founded by economic activist Devin Robinson, who opened 3 of his own stores within 18 months almost 10 years ago (after being chased out of one by a golf-club-holding Korean owner for what turned out to be a case of false accusation). Robinson also staged a one-week boycott in 2009 against non-black-owned beauty supply stores. Since that time, Beauty Supply Institute has opened almost 70 stores for other black women in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean and have helped to generate over $13,000,000 in gross revenues for urban communities.

Koreans (and Middle Easterners) continue to have a dominant presence in the beauty market. When we asked the Detroit store owners why, they said, “Their communities teach their children from young how to become great merchants. We may know more of the products but they know more about the retail business. This is why we were pleased once we began working with Beauty Supply Institute. They focus so much on running the retail business and it made us extremely prepared to be successful and profitable.”

They went on to say, “No black beauty business owner is immune to the industry disparities and lockouts. Kizure felt it and now we see Carol’s Daughter undergoing a bankruptcy restructuring. But this industry is constantly growing so I doubt these companies will close their doors for good. They are run by smart people and we should ensure we stand behind them as they re-emerge. We are in this business for the long-haul so you can expect to see us pop up more and more stores across the country.”

Hill and Williams are already working on their second store in Maryland.

Devin Robinson (, along with George Fraser of Frasernet (, and others will be featured panelists at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on May 19th, 2014 discussing issues in the beauty industry (; an event organized by, trichologist and master educator Connie Judge, the founder of the National Trichology Training Institute in Stockbridge, Georgia.

The Beauty Supply Institute will hold its 5th annual Beauty Supply Store Start-Up Summer Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on August 16-17, 2014. The keynote speaker will be nationally syndicated radio host, Michael Baisden.

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Young African American Entrepreneurs Help Black-Owned Hair Care Company Soar Worldwide

— FLOW Industry offers a unique business opportunity to teens and adults to make money helping fight baldness and hair loss —

Flow Industry Teen Hair Growth

Teen grows hair longer within just 3 weeks

NationwideFLOW Industry, a new Black-owned company that has exploded to the top of the $700 billion dollar hair care industry with the creation of natural hair regrow products, has grown extremely fast thanks to several African American teens that make up nearly half of the 6,000 independent business owners within the company.

According to Raven L. Mahdee, an independent business owner with the company, “FLOWindustry has made a brilliant move and conscience decision to focus on teens, especially African Americans because they know these teens are often ignored or just plain forgotten about by segments of American society.”There are several factors that teens and young adults seem to appreciate about the business opportunity:

* That the products actually work, and can be used by both kids and adults.

* That it’s a very simple and fun business to operate.

* That they are learning how to be self employed.

* That it’s very easy and simple for them to generate full-time or supplemental income.


Mahdee comments, “The joy that really gets the teens equally excited is they are bringing their parents and other family and friends into the company and working as a team helping each other reach their desired goals and dreams.” He says that even though the company is Black-owned, a lot of other ethnicities have used the products with success and have seen the financial potential and have also started to position themselves within the company.


About FLOW Industry

FLOW Industry is being called the best new company of 2016 for its new and unique products and business model that offers teens and adults a chance to build financial independence without a limit being placed on their earnings. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, stay-at-home moms and other professioanls are using the products and joining the business. Teens, however, must be at least 16 years old and must have their parents’ permission.

For more information about joining the company and/or to order the products, or send an email to


Raven L.Mahdee ID# 103156


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