Punch TV Studios is on a mission, they want to provide jobs for the urban community and know thanks to President Obama and his legacy they can do much more of that as they become the only black-owned media company qualified to sell stock to the Urban community at $1 per share!

How, what, errr?

Well…. Punch CEO Joseph Collins explained:

“By signing the JOBS Act into law President Obama made it easier for startup companies such as Punch TV Studios to go public and to raise capital privately. That was no minor feat. It was a major stand for a sitting President to take and a historical change in the way America does business. Although there is always more to be done, let us not forget that Punch TV Studios is the media legacy that President Obama leaves behind,”

“We look forward to the day that President Obama is able to do more. In fact, we welcome President Obama to begin his post White House initiatives with Punch TV Studios. We know that whether he’s in the streets of Chicago, Ferguson, Charlotte, Flint, Baltimore, Milwaukee or any town USA; whether he’s exploring the issues of police brutality, economic disparity or gang violence Punch TV Studios is the only publicly traded media company that can provide the true, real, unaltered, unedited, unfiltered voice of the people!”

Yeah, they just offered Obama a job there too! Now that would be interesting?

Will you be investing in Punch?

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