aawebprec11Precioustones Magazine is looking for  Editorial and Social Interns. The intern will play an integral part of the magazines growth and will assume a significant degree of responsibility.

PRECIOUSTONES MAGAZINE, kreativeimagess.com/precioustones-mag/magazine/, a fast growing magazine, is looking for an Editorial and Social Intern.Precioustones has been featured in numerous print and online publications.

The intern will play an integral part of the blog’s growth and will assume a significant degree of responsibility. This position is responsible for growth and engagement across all branded external digital communities and will serve as the internal social expert within the brand.The intern must be proactive, creative and dynamic.

The ideal candidate is a Masters Candidate related to journalism, art, fashion,  religion, ,entrepreneur, beauty, PR, Social Media or marketing. Undergraduate candidates with relevant skill sets and interests will also be considered. The perfect candidate must display a genuine curiosity and interest in both beauty and fashion and must be able to demonstrate a strong commercial aptitude for business development tasks, social media, marketing and public relations.

Precioustones Mag is an exciting and fast paced entrepreneurial environment – enthusiasm and team work will be met with a steep learning curve and the possibility of a permanent position. The faster the brand grows, the faster a permanent position will become available. 

Youth ages 14 and older are also encouraged to apply.

To apply, please send your resume to Mary or Kristina at precioustones@kreativeimagess.com and or krepreciousmag@yahoo.com

Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Social Media

  • Experiment with new and alternative ways to leverage social media activities to gain insights into customer behavior and buying patterns.
  • Stay current on new trends, contests, and media platforms pertaining to social activity.
  • Help sharing all PsmMag stories of all platforms, as well as the intern’s own personal platforms. PsmMag typically produces four to six magazine a year.
  • Respond promptly to customer feedback and messages and ensure that our social media customer experience lives up to our brand promise.
  • Scheduling tweets on Hootsuite to promote psmmag and all stories, past and current.
  • Expand & manage the PsmMag Pinterest page. Pin all products from ‘shop the story’ section under each post.
  • Use Adobe Illustrator and Indesign.


  • Add the “Shop the Story” feature to all past stories, adding still images and rewardStyle links below each story.

Editorial Calendar

  • Develop and maintain an ongoing global content calendar.


  • Edit, organize and request beauty sample inventory.
  • Organize all relevant PR and beauty contacts.


  • Edit photos using Photoshop .
  • Organize and achieve all images.

    Creativity and Writing

    • Research, develop and pitch editorial content for beauty stories on a weekly basis.
    • Create original content for the site. For example, develop an ongoing series: Come up with one theme, something that really speaks to you and your peers. . You could write a “Trend Report,” an “Inspired By,” a “Cover Star,” this could be anything.

    Special Events

    • Execute special event details.

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