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Precioustones Magazine is always looking for the extraordinary in ordinary people.

Launched in 2012, Precioustones Magazine has already garnered the attention and respect of celebrities and community leaders. Bi Monthly themed issues focus on business, community issues, family, and so much more!

Precious Stones is an empowerment magazine for entrepreneurs with the desire to feature ordinary people with innovative dreams and plans.

We are dedicated to helping others pursue their Visions and dreams, through our publication we hope to create a vine where you can inspire, educate, and support others attain their goals.

 It addresses how to be or become productive E-business owners resulting in job in America by connecting readers with venture Capitalist and trainers to make sure their dreams unfold.

  Precioustones Magazine Is The Connection Between Your Inspirations and Aspirations Coming to Fruition !!


Precioustones Magazine balances your natural energy, it’s uplifting, reduces tension, calms and soothes your nerves, reduces stress, as well as brings gentleness to your spirit. It is our objective through Precious Stones Magazine to increase vivid dreams, relieve depression, promote calm, serenity, and spirituality, improve insight and clarify emotions and like a Diamond it manifests abundance in your daily life.  

     Precioustones Magazine is an extension of Kreative Imagess Biz. It is through my faith that every article you read is heartwarming and provokes you to explore the depth of your visions. Define First Edition recession for yourself and continue to explore the gifts and talent assigned to your life. There is a reason a season designed for your creativity, although it appears your plan is over or no longer necessary, rejuvenate the vision and ascertain the missing link. You’ll discover that the demand is greater than what’s available. Oftentimes we say oh I had that Ideal or Invention in my head but I didn’t do anything with it suddenly it appears someone else has the same vision.

Although that may be relevant toward pioneering the vision, it’s your assignment to administer the missing link to fruition. Concentrate on your potential then go out and till the land. Inside of you there is a promise of wealth waiting on you, don’t miss your season again.

“President Obama Quote: “Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. …

Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential. “

{Any comments you make will appear on the Editor page in our next issue. Currently we plan to run issues every two months.}


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