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Shane Shepherd · 

That’s awesome! Dr. King would be very proud of these peaceful protests if he were alive today.

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maker Spike Lee participates in a march in the U.S. Capitol building on Saturday, Dec. 13, 204 in Washington, DC.

Robbie Rob · 

The deck needs reshuffling… If white people who care come out to demonstrate for a better country this whole police brutality thing would be non existent. Corporations will be forced to pay a fair wage and America will be in harmony… We need to recognize that DIVISION is the wedge used to divide and conquer.

Protestors in Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC on Saturday Dec. 13, 2014.
Renee Stout · 

It’s wonderful to see such a diverse crowd. This isn’t just a black problem, it’s an American problem, because as soon as the average American understands just how complete the corporate take over is of our country is and starts to react to it, the police will be ready to clamp down on EVERYBODY, black white or otherwise who wants to stand up for their rights as citizens.
  • Robbie Rob · 

    “””””””””””””””It’s wonderful to see such a diverse crowd.”””””””””””””””That’s what segregationist were afraid of… White folks are tired of this nonsense. Most people want to live in peace and harmony.
    Protesters march towards the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC on Saturday Dec. 13, 2014
  • Renee, you are so right. My husband said the same thing the other day. He said wait till they start killing unarmed white boys and men at the same rate they have been doing for YEARS to black boys and men. Really, this does tie into the corporations wanting cheap fearful labor and the police depts. with all their military equipment will step right in and help the corporate masters.
    WASHINGTON DC.Protestors march down Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, DC on Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014.

Embedded image permalink Syrians standing in solidarity with the citizens of America!!! THIS IS HUMANITY!!   Embedded image permalink #ICantBreathe Protesters turned the Brooklyn bridge ,into a pedestrian bridge Embedded image permalink #Brooklynbridge traffic at a standstill right now as #MillionsMarchNYC makes it’s way across ”   March in WashingtonJustice for All MarchProtestsRev. Al SharptonEric GarnerMichael BrownTrayvon MartinTamir RiceJohn CrawfordAkai GurleyCivil RightsCivil Rights MarchFreedom PlazaPolice BrualityFergusonProtesters

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