Judges and Scoring Procedures:

Judges’ panel will be comprised of at least 3 qualified judges, one Supreme Judge who will tabulate your scores and decide in the event of a tie who the title goes to based on his/her scoring sheet. This judge’s panel will evaluate all delegates in all divisions in all competitive areas.

Ms. Wealthy You Pageant has the sole authority and discretion to select the judges’ panel.

Ms Wealthy You Pageant will strive to select a judges’ panel that is well qualified and professionally and culturally diverse.

Judges’ names will not be released to delegates prior to the start of the  pageant.

Judges are educated and informed of the Pageant judging procedures, expectations and processes prior to and upon arrival at the  pageant.

Delegates are not permitted to converse with, approach or otherwise interact with any judges during the entire course of the  pageant. Delegates violating this will risk disqualification. Judges are also instructed not to converse with, approach or otherwise interact with delegates during the entire course of the  pageant, other than during scheduled competitive events.

All decisions of the judges are final.

Scoring Procedures:

All tabulating at the 2016 pageant will be conducted by a Supreme Judge.

Scoring point values vary based on the total weight of each competitive area.

All scoring point values are per competitive area, with a maximum potential total score for any delegate being 100 points total per judge.

The delegate in each division with the highest combined score will be named the national queen in that division.


Mandatory Competition

Each contestant will model an outfit of her own choosing. It must be age appropriate, and it should portray the contestant’s personal sense of style and fashion.   It can be as simple or ornate as you would like.  Denim jeans  are not permitted.  Choose an outfit that you would wear to a Hollywood Premier or Red Carpet Event.


Mandatory Competition

All delegates must wear a floor length gown that is age appropriate for the formal wear/evening gown competition.  Contestants are judged on grace, poise and overall presentation.


Mandatory Competition

Present your two minute talent presentation


Mandatory Competition

Based on you rememberance from any seminars you attend provided by the Pageant Directors.

Career Goal 


Each contestant has to model an outfit according to their career goal choice, this will be the introduction of each contestant, must write a three line bio about their choice of career, current or future, and about themselves.


Mandatory Competition

Selling all your tickets to the event gives you an extra 3 points, if you sell more than your required amount you receive a perfect 5.






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