‘We intend to boycott Christmas but not Jesus’

The first call to action blacklivesmfrom the massive gathering on 10.10.15 Justice or Else!was the nation-wide boycott of the holiday spending season –beginning with Black Friday, Nov. 27th. During his Justice or Else address, Minister Farrakhan quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “We have to find a way to redistribute the pain.” He talked about going to businesses that benefited from black dollars and he said, “We have to now withdraw our economic support, so that those who give us pain can receive some painblacklivedom in return.”

“You’re either going to treat us right, or we’re going to withdraw from you our economic support. …We intend to boycott Christmas but not Jesus,” Minister Farrakhan said. “We choose not to spend dollars on Black Friday, Black Saturday, Black Sunday, Black Monday.  We are not going to spend our money for the rest of that year with those companies that we have traditionally spent our money on.”

We want to bring honor back to Jesus & take Santa and this commercial madness & put it where it belongs in the garbage of history



Are you ready to boycott From Nov 27th to Dec 31st Martin Luther King said we have to



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