Pastor Ahmad DawsonPastor Ahmad DawsonJustice doesn’t mean “JUST – US”…there is an unequivocal truth and undeniable reality that our J U S T I C E system is broken and needs to be addressed. Biblically, whenever there was an allowance of perceived oppression there was a cry from the people on their knees, but then there was CHANGE when they stood up!



Pastor Chris Harris, Sr.


Harold Dawson Sr.

I grew up in Birmingham, Ala. during the turbulent 60’s and a very segregated south. When Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, who baptized me and Dr. M.L. King Jr. confront city officials concerning the inhumane treatment of its citizens. They were told its the law and it was, the problem was however, the laws were unjust and evil. Protest developed and grew, in the midst of this fervor, it escalated to four young girls being killed by a bomb in church on Sunday morning, during Sunday school. Standing in the crowd watching those dead children being brought out, was Robert Chambliss the man who planted the bomb. No remorse, no conviction, no indictment, the racist police commissioner, Eugene “Bull” Connor raged on never missing a beat. When local businessmen starting to lose money increased, with no end in sight, all of a sudden laws could be changed. It was until this day herald as a stroke of moral conviction and the compelling spirit of altruism and humane justice. It is not a matter of laws or the new creation of them, for every law created another is created to either rescind it or snatch the teeth right out of it. Everything done to black people, has been under law or by it, if prosecutorial action is for the “people” it is the people who must enforce the execution of it, not gestapo police. We are dealing with a predisposition that has an inherent proclivity toward licensed violence, uninhabited by even a spiritual system of checks and balances. In other words, if the white church spoke up and took a biblically based stand, without the toxic conservative influence, it could put an end to this rabid lunacy overnight. But how does America do that, when it has never “REALLY” repented beyond its nominal window dressing in 2008. It is still “overfed sheep with bloody hands,” whose lips yet drip with words of “interposition and nullification.” Doing evil is too profitable, it used to be shameful and disgraceful, now it gets a book deal, a movie and a television contract (watch Darren Wilson). Black people are going to have to solve this problem from within and God does have a strategy, I was in the meeting. In the words of that great American, Forrest Gump, “THAT’S ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT!”

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