Have you ever felt that your life has turned into such a mess that all you have left are ashes? Most likely, as a Christian, you’re probably familiar with the verses that talk about God being close to those in trouble. However, the old comfort of, “All things working together for the good” (Rom 8:28) may seem rather shallow. You ask yourself, “How can God create something good out of my life when all I have left are ashes?”

Ashes symbolize burned-out remains. They symbolize death. Nothingness. Loss of hope. But an “ash heap” is then translated to mean “a place of fruitfulness. And that makes sense because I know that out of ashes comes new life. After a bushfire, the forest is renewed.

Many people don’t realize if you mix ashes in oil and then put the mixture into a salt brine, you’ll get a “scum” that floats to the surface. If you squeeze the scum together,  you will end up with a bar of soap. What originally appeared to be a worthless waste product is actually a beneficial healing product.

Think about this concept for a moment. If you mix the ashes of your ruined dreams along with the anointing oil of God into the salt of your tears, you will end up with a useful substance. The “scum” you see floating in your life is not a worthless byproduct of a life-gone-bad. It is actually something that is very useful. God can take the remains of your destroyed dreams and turn them into something that can help cleanse those around you. God can use the lessons you have learned from your experiences to help heal dirty and wounded hearts.

Popular vote:
Hillary: 59,236,903 votes
Donald: 59,085,787 votes
The country elected Hillary, the system elected Donald Trump……The system…the reason we should vote is because these people are making the laws Trump will appoint several supreme Court Justice one I know for sure..
The house and Senate is controlled by Republicans. However let’s not forget get the division they have within. Everyone is sad and I get that but if we truly believe that God is in control then understand he gave the people what they asked for the great divide. What authority do we have is to put aside our own religious divides within our communities and families go to the Lord seeking His kingdom and His righteousness will be added to us. We are not about to go under but arise from the ashes of self hatred and begin to take our rightful place as God’s mouthpiece in the land. If you know the legacy your inhertance that has been placed upon u u will find yourself seeking His knowledge and receiving his divine revelation for your daily walk. I encourage you to pass this on. #Kreativeimagess #psmmag#blacksneedvotingblocks #Adourher #pchprayercall #blacklivesmatter#precioustones #Periscope #ifweeverneededtheLordbefore#wesuredoneedhimnow




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